Anti eBIZel India

Antiebizel Introduction Pvt. Ltd. claims to be a Non Profit organisation for the welfare of the Indian Society and goes to the extent of saying that it is the only company because of which India is surviving.

It Provides Offline / Online Education Package worth Rs.7000/- which is a collection of Complete Valuable Resources for Self Study.

But the Important Point is it does all these through Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Scheme, also called as Network Marketing. In such a way that a student or Associate Member of can Suggest to Purchase the Educational Package.

The main target of is the youth mostly college freshers who are suggested by promising them huge amounts of returns or the downtrodden poor people who can be Learn and Earn. Never claims that it Provides Certificates for the Online Courses are Recognized by the Govt. You can read it on their Legals Section [9. General -> (XIV)].

To Know More About eBiz Working and Mode of operation see eBiz Mechanism Page

Antiebizel Group Creating Bad Rumor / Gossip in the People. is a blameless Non Profit Organization but some one Financed Antiebizel Group to blame.

Few Legals of

9. (xiii)  All our Courses are developed by the subject experts and by our appointed staff members under the guidance of president of eBIZ. com Pvt. Ltd. These courses are designed to help the deprived and deserving masses (who otherwise are not given chance to learn from anywhere) to learn. All our courses are designed for self learning only and to be learnt using computer and Internet by the Learner at his / her own cost. Our courses/tutorials are not accredited by any institution or by any agency of Govt. of India.

9. (xiv)  In order to evaluate their learning, Associates can take up online quiz. Successful Associates are provided an online certificate. Please note these certificates are not recognised by any institution or by any Govt. body . These certificates are only an indicator of some fundamental learning which has taken place.



  1. Great Stuff. Thanks for the information

  2. kuldeep said


    Hello Everyone , As We Know, Today All The World is Based On Computer And Internet .In The Whole World Both Are Necessary .Without Computer & Internet Knowledge There Is Nothing In This life or World . As we know that
    without computer & internet the life is became incomplete So Both Are Very Necessary For Us .Computer and Internet has affected too many portions in human life. Not only our life style, way to Study, Schooling, Entertainment, Game, Friendship and all things which is related to our common life. To See All The Point Of View EBIZ.COM Is A Way To Learn & Earn , discounted ,easy & affective Online & Offline tutorials of computers For All Types Of Problems .
    It Provides Study Material Of Computer language, All Software, Website Development, General Studies And Many More in Minimum Cost. It Is Non Profit Organizations. Its Only Motive Is To Provide The Increase Computer literacy In India & Specially Poor Students In Rural areas , they Get Problems From Going To One place to other place. Using online & offline they can learn easily by their professionals. The Company Learn More Than FIVE Million People And Change the Life Style Of These people because in same time they are learn and earn both. In my point of view if u want to go fast and want to achieve success in your hand then join EBIZ, Its the only way where you will support people who want to learn & earn .Its only motive is to provide the Education Materials as well as Computer / Internet Tutorials and Resources taken in Minimum cost. It provides a way for earning money through online business and way to communicate to other people. Students can earn
    when they are online they are able to work well without disturb by learning activity since they can do it wherever they are connected to internet. After joining EBIZ.COM the doubts are automatically cleared .In my point of view it is the best opportunity for a student when he want to be become a good technical learn computer technical and uses all resources of internet & computer uses in minimum cost. In this way we can say that it provides a complete of computer and internet in a minimum costing the next some years, it will be growth rapidly with their features .Its founder is MR. PAWAN MALHAN. I got an opportunity to meet Mr. Malhan in his office. After having discussion about the product, process and eBizers, I was not only impressed by his commitment but also inspired a lot for his sincerity and good will. He is a potential leader in the emerging economic paradigm who has concern for people at large and young people in particular. In my meeting with him, I have never found him discussing about his background. He always discusses about people and innovative ideas. His motto is not self-growth rather he wants to see the people growing. His vision, as I find, is to help young unemployed people to be self reliant, self-sufficient in the entrepreneurial world. He wants to develop some vibrant and dynamic professionals with renewed skills and competencies to bring a revolution in the field of Multilevel Marketing System. He has taken up a social cause of spreading computer literacy, which is the need of time. In the knowledge society of today the connotation of literacy has been changed. Earlier a person was
    known to be literate if he had learn reading, writing a few arithmetic calculations. The IT revolution has brought a change in this concept. Now a person is literate if he knows working with computers. If Mr. Malhan has taken up this cause of making the downtrodden children computer literate I do not see any thing wrong in it. By 2020 India is all set to emerge as the knowledge hub as well as the most powerful economy in the world. This could only be possible if we strengthen our economy and harness the hidden potentials of youth to our best advantage. To inculcate the sense of
    responsibility among youth we need to keep them engaged in constructive activities, make them aware of social problems and empower them as well. So far the present situation is concerned economic empowerment is the key to development. If someone like Mr. Malhan has taken up such an arduous task, we should cooperate him in his noble endeavor.
    At least if we are not in position to help him, we should not do anything that will damage a system he has built after putting so much of sustained efforts over the years.

  3. Kamal Banoudhia said

    Iam happy to see this type of this mission for literate every person city to city and village- to – village, and ebiz is really doing a great job to educate every people specially in rural areas.

  4. gagan deep said

    i worked in ebiz for 4 years and earned around 25 lacs. .ebiz was gud when it was directly in the hands of sodhi ji 5 years back… really speaking guyz now time is diff now… everything has been changed … no one should take ebiz as full time in life…my advise would be do ebiz only when u get time not for money just for life time education ..i accept this thing that ebiz has many great leaders, u will get to learm many things from life dream big but dont keep ebiz as the medium to achieve it….. my reason for leaving ebiz is just my uplines… they were gud at starting but with the passage of time everything gt changed… i was shocked when i got to know about their thinking.. their fake care…i know when gud ebizzer will read my comments then will say dear it quite possible that u didt gt gud uplines but my dear frnds just read my whole comments peacefully… ebiz has not done anything rather bad people present in ebiz has done that bad with people…everybody is running for his cheque… if i tell my every reason y i left ebiz. then m sure no body would do ebiz in life.. but i dont want that to happes…if anyone want to know about it mail me at…… for all those people who want they should work in ebiz or how should they work, i can help bcoz i had a group of 8800 people in 5 states including around 15 cities\, promoted the mission with full ethics and culture and principles.. but i know what was that….i am a diplomat associate having more than 100 tag achievers in my downline

    continue . i had been in highest earner for long time and know n no. of things about many cases in ebiz like why navneet jis group( bangalore) left, y aditya jain ji group in mumbai left, why ebiz is making bi weekly payments, y convenbtion are going in nasik only now, y people at base level love ebiz, last convention held on 14th march 2010 at nasik, i know each and everythinh about the speakers who wer present on the stage… many were new faces… but io know all new and old people starting from the rising chennai group, the fastest MR rahul bhardwaj ( delhi), mr. Varun kad, MR. jaskirat singh bhullar, mr ankur kadd, mr. navneet singh, mr. gulshan gulati, the great mr mohit sardana, Mr. ankuch chawla, , Mr raghu kumar tekriwal, MR abhishek dua, the all time favourite Mr sunny arora ji, rising star mr. priyesh jain, mr, sandeep kedia chennai,MR. nirala kumar, and ,many people form Mr gurinder singh group, Mr. sahil budhiaraja group,
    and there are n no. people who came and leave their foot prints in ebiz… but still i would request all ebizzer dont do it for full time ever in life and still there are n no. of things which people at base level dont know….
    rest all is well

  5. wake up india said

    well I am here to discuss about ebiz, its working and people working in ebiz.

    i worked in ebiz for 4 years and earned around 25 lacs, i had a group of 8800 people in 5 states including around 15 cities, promoted the mission with full ethics and culture and principles.. but i know what was that….i am a diplomat associate having more than 100 tag achievers in my downline, I had been in highest earner for long time and know n no. of things about many cases in ebiz but it is not just about earning money, personal achievements and success but its about our future…ebiz was gud when it was directly in the hands of MR. A.P.S sodhi 6 years back… really speaking guyz now time is diff now… everything has been changed … one should not take ebiz as full time in life…

    now I am not in ebiz and really speaking I still feel guilty for all my promises made to people on the base on ebiz….
    My main point is I am not here to stop ebiz but to stop people from doing ebiz as full time…
    You know when I was in my starting phase, everything was going gud…, attending meetings, meeting new people , greeting new things from the money earned from ebiz… it was very gud.. but now I have started hating people who brought me in ebiz, they washed my mind, always saying wrong about other professions and by mistake I did it during my whole ebiz journey… I am not against network marketing but I am against regarding working of ebiz.

    I know many gud people in ebiz will critisize me and my comments but u know friends these people would only be at base levelsi ebiz , less than gold assocaite.. no diplomat and above would reply me bcoz even they know what I am going to discuss here is wrong on the part of ebiz…. There are n no. of reasons why people at base level are more motivated and y they reply in favour of ebiz if they see anythings going wrong against ebiz…

    Well if I tell my reasons of leaving ebiz.. m sure no one will do ebiz in life….
    I will talk about very particular things and I want answer from diplomats and above…. Any answers from base level associate would not be valid….
    Now this is the open challenge to all the associate other than diamonds and above to see it , read it peacefully and ask the answer form ur diplomat and above uplines….and reply me…

    Niow I start my part…. As there is limitation to space, I am going to divide it in parts with proper part no. as heading…..

    as I told about me, it was very gud in starting, hum logo ki watt lagate the in college time and post graduation time mein, we use to call job as slavery…my upline made me like that….we had a very good core group….. all were very happy…but u know during the starting phase of my journey in ebiz, somebody told me. Do something else also apart fromm ebiz for security bcoz network marketing or ur own group , same people in ur group will not last for more than 5 yrs in ur life… So do ebiz as part time.. hearing this all from my frnd, I fought with him on sayin and said tu to hamesha job mein naukar hi rahega , tu meri baat kabhi nahi samajg sakta……. But u know today I went to him said ki yaar tune sahi bola tha… ebiz is not a full time business and I accept it today…
    Now my questions to all asoociates-
    Question many time it happened that we do work again and again , do meeting with our senior associates again and again but they don’t work as we want.???
    Question 2, how many time it happened that u become silver and gold and suddenly u got the news that ur silver or any of ur upline has left????
    Quesrtion 3. how many times it happened ur one week cheque is 10000 rs and u don’t know about ur cheque after 2 months..????
    Question 4 . how many time it happened u had to run again and again after people to call them to leaders meeting, venue meetings, and conventions????
    Questions. 5 how many times it happened u had to take one to one meeting meetings and ask for meeting from uplines who the associates who has just become negative or saying he will not ebiz bcoz his aome other frnd has told don’t do it, or their parents have told do don’t it, or they don’t get much tresults??? My question is how long we have to do thins thing????
    Questiono 6. now ebiz payments are biweekly i.e only two payments a months, the reason is less no. sales day by day, my questions suppose u r at capping and if happebs againg u have to sacrifice rs 2 lacs for it without any mistake of urs????
    Question 7. in convention the ticket is 150 rs , earliar it was 600 rs. My question is if 10000 people are coming ther is collection of 150 * 10000= 1500000, the the cost for arranging whole event is not more than 5 lacs, I have enquired about it, where is the money going, ???
    Question 8. if ebiz keeps its working transparent to associate then y don’t it give the details of collection of convention and the account for how much money they got this week and how much money distributed same week??? Why????
    Question 9. there are many names in ebiz which u gt to hear on stage but now they are not there in highest earners… that means that unstable time can come for u too even if u reach diplomat and above level… m I rite????
    Question 10. there wer around 80 people in highest earners and 15 in capping 4 – 5 years back when it was weekly payments but today even after bi weekly payments there are around 70 to 80 people in highest earners and only 18 in capping… and 80 5 of them are new who joined just before one year… where r the old achievers????
    Question 11. why Mr. rahul Bhardwaj (having group of 90000 in four years) left ebiz.. why???
    Question 12. why Mr. Navneet singh (having group of 30000) left ebiz… why????
    Question 13.Mr. jaskirat singh’ (who is on the other side of sodhi ji,the second person to join ebiz, according to the facts provided while telling loss pof delay ) why his name is not in highest earner???
    Question 14mr. Varun Kadd and ankur kadd (having group of 40000) left, why???? And there were n no. people from UP and north India who were in highest earners and gud levels left????

    Question 15. Mr aditya jain (having group of 30000) left, why????
    Question 16. people who have are at gud level say at diplomat, silver diplomat but not presently in highest earners, why????
    question 17., people who are at gud level say at diplomat, silver diplomat but not presently in highest earners, why they are noit allowed to speak on convention stage???
    Question 18. sometimes when a person is on capping , suddenly he is not there after 2 months.. why???
    Question 19. my uplines told me that Andhra Pradesh case will be solved by the year 2009 at max but today its april 2010, what is this????
    Question 20. there were 20000 ebizzers working in Andhra Pradesh, the work got stopped , but what happened to their dreams????
    Question 21. why even today when we are promoting ebiz in India , but our uplines stop us from going to Andhra Pradesh???? What is wrong with the case????
    Question 22. in that case around 10 people got arrested.. just think at once if u wer among one of those next time.. then????
    Question 23. now everybody is knowing about ebiz…. When we call our 50 guest then 25 of them says that we have seen it before , this is the problems in north India and mainly maharashta, if we don’t get new joining from form new places , our work is going to be stopped… why????
    Question 24. why our upline always say don’t give attention to those people who are writing against our company, why our upline don’t give the explanation all the time to all those things in detail???
    Question 25. nobody gives entertainment tax on the passes sold in the venue meeting, but they are supposed to do so, and if the our upline is taking 50 rs as paas rate , and suppose 500 people come then where is the balance money, m sure the expense is not more than 13000 rs.
    Question 26. why cant Mr. pawan malhan find one day to come to convention evertime convention is dere.
    Question 27. in 2006 , 2007 2008 , there were around 4 lacs logings, just imagine the money received my pawan malhan, my queation is when they received such big amounbt during that face and applied the capping at rs 100000 and didn’t pay proportionalet\y then y today it is making biweekly payments, rather it should take from that reserve and pay people according to the cheque made????
    Question 28. just read the legals carefully, there were many point like the question 27, which were not given earliar but now they are dere, my question is it is written there that the updated version of legals is operated during the agreement between company and associate.. that’s means company is having all the authority???
    Question 29. just read the legals carefully , there it is clearly written that ebiz don’t promise any commissions in future.. it cant give or not.. who will decide that????
    Question 30. now the renewal amount is 2750 but we need to make two sales every year, my question tell me honestly asll diamond and above can a person do that???? u gt it???
    Question 31. two three convention back Mr. sodhi told on convention stage that leader banna chahte ho to jail jana padega… what is this… will u go and will ur parents allow to do that????
    My question- is this the need for becoming a leader??/?
    Question 32. why convention are going only at nasik??? Bcoz Mr. sodhi ;s other side (budding side) group is in maharashtra???? Previously these convention were at amritsar????
    Question 33. our upline use to say ki abhi to wiring is going on , abhi current pass hona baaki hai, my question is where is dat wiring and that curremnt which supposed to flow in 2008.???
    Question 34. previously there was some commission on selling the ebiz system cds and profiles and suddenly it was stopped and many people has to bear that take up bcoz of Mrt. Sodhi , y didn’t he take that system stock back at the same rate???? He simply told I think the senior associate in ebiz don’t want cds now….
    Question 35. the cost for each profile come to around max 100 rs but y dfa hell company is charging 250 additional rs., to AMC…
    Question 36. for generarting password ebiz demands draft of 100 rs but we can gt password of orkut, facbook or any other account so fast??? And getting the password for the staff setting at ebiz house is just a matter of few clicks. Den y its demanding 100 rs???? I know this question don carry that much impotance but it is dere….
    Question 37. why peole coming at gud levels leave so easily even after having gud success in ebiz???? I ask a normal motivated associate would u leave ebiz in life?/? then y associate at senior level leave so easily????
    Question 38. yaar kitna computer course bechoge, kis kis ko bechoge, kuch aur bhi to hona chaiye package mein to make it universally acceptable????
    Question 39. u see many people are coming on net and writing against ebiz..why???? are they mad??? Something ahpened with them dats y they are writing….. I know many of them are just sayin about courses are not worth, package is not worth, u didn’t gt much result and all , I know everythin but what I think my questions are related to the working,,, isn’t?????
    Question 40. check the press releases , nothing is posted after 2007 or so.. all papers are at least 3 yrs old now, that means no good activity by ebiz in last three yrs????
    Question 41. check the orbit achiever column, no new fast achiever from the past 3 -4 yrs????
    Question 42. Mr manjul arora become Ambassador around three yrs back , but no new level came to him and no become second ambassador in last 3 yrs… my question when u will reach to that levels???
    Question 43. in 2008 we were sayin that 7 lacs associate have join ebiz in last 7 yrs but u know that figure has not crossed 8 lacs yet till date 8 april 2010 even after two years???? That means work is going down???/
    Question 44. I heard many senior silver diplomats and gold diplomat saying , ki yaar pawan malhan to aata nahi hai convention mein to bachhon ko kya future batain, bechara Mr. sodhi hi company sambhaal raha hai..… y is it so????
    Question 45. ebiz is the most unprofessional pvt ltd co. I have ever seen… no proper arrangement at conventions, no proper posting of meeting going in India, no proper system of reporting, no proper after sales services by the company, no proper workshops arranged professionally by trhe company to show the future things…. Y ???? I am nt talking about diplomat or silver diplomat meeting with sodhi, m talking about proper meeting with the owner of the company with the senior assocate atleast silver diplomats should be included… don’t u think so????
    Question 46. ask ur upline and tel to ans honestly how many6 time they have talked to Mr. Mohit , Mr, sodhi and Mr pawan malhan….. can u imagine that????
    Question 47 in ebiz our upline say u ll get name fame but tel me honestly how many people know ur senior upline when they walk out of the auditoriums after the venue meeting???? Same thing will happen with u when u ll reach that stage after 4 or 5 yrs (if company stay dere).
    Question 48. during that andra Pradesh case, ebiz server was taken by police forcefully , closing ebiz house in 2008, that time the news came. Stop the presentation for one months.. just think it can happen again bcoz the Andhra case is still going on….. think about it….

    Still there are n no. of questions unsolved.. I know there may be many answers but we don’t want the mpotivational answer at this moment… we want complete explanation, in detailed explanation from ur diplomat and above downline….
    So my dear associate go and ask about all the matters?????
    And if u don’t find annser for each and every question.. plz don’t do ebiz or commit anythinh to anyone on behalf of ebiz and uplines that u can getb this, u can get that…..

    Now I know many true ebizzers will critisize me but my dear frnds read the whole question carefully and peacefully and my aim is not stop ebiz but I wasn’t to save pepel at base levels
    Who are innocent ….
    Rest all is well
    Good morning leaders…

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